Artwork Requirements

The following digital file guidelines are recommended for printing:

  • Adobe Photoshop: 300 dpi (min) CMYK (.tif, eps, psd w/layers if possible). Scale at 1/2 inch = 1 foot, Scale at 1 inch = 1 foot or created at 100% actual size (in inches) @ 24 pixels an inch or greater.
  • Adobe Illustrator: 300 dpi (min) CMYK, .ai, .psd, .eps, .tiff or high resolution pdf, convert all type to outlines, link or provide any support files. Please scale at 1 inch = 1 foot, or create 100% actual size (inches) @ 24 pixels an inch or greater. Please identify bleed area using guidelines or printers marks.
  • Other formats are accepted if they are saved in high-resolution EPS, tif or PDF formats. Artwork can be uploaded through our web site, or sent to us on a CD or DVD.

Artwork Upload Link

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